My name is Jadie also known as Chui. I graduated from Raffles Design Institute, Fashion Design in 2010. Prior to this, I was studying at Temasek Poly in Apparel Design and Merchandising. I like creating objects through sewing and other techniques.

I love fashion, reading, travelling, visiting museum and exhibitions, drawing, writing and Jazz music. I enjoy a day on a crouch with a good book and a good mug of coffee. I’m a coffee and dark chocolate lover.

I’m a designer by training,

artist by dreams and

currently I’m stay home working mum. Therefore, none of the activities in the 2nd para make sense anymore.

I started my own web store The Room Studio.

The Room Studio Logo_small

This blog started out as an avenue for my designing work. And as it evolves, I use this to pen down my life and thoughts on various topics such as fashion/design/ art, food and my work and life as a SAWM.

Chiniza Chocolato is my alter ego, which Chocolato portray her love for chocolate.

{Update: 25 June 15}

Our Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot
Our Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot at Kaohsiung, Taiwan

I was married on 1 May 2014. As I update this page, I cannot believe that more than a year has gone by. I had been through the process of shifting to be on my own with Mr Choo and setting up our little nest on the North Eastern part of Singapore. Now, with a baby on it’s way, we are really excited about it.

{Updated 22 Jan 16}

Sophie at 6 weeks old

Sophie was born on 3 Nov 15. She has given us immense joy and laughter.

Thank you all for visiting my blog and all comments  are greatly appreciated.



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