Baby Talk

Sophie’s Favourite Book

Dr Suess, “Reading can take you places you have never been before.”

I saw this quote recently on a social media platform and I truly agree. Even though we enjoy travelling very much, there will be countries or cities that I will never want to visit due to several reasons. Therefore, the best way to ‘visit’ them is through reading.

As Sophie is slowly approaching two, she is showing a ferocious appetite towards reading. She spends most of her days at home near our book shelf when she’s not running around the house. Whenever I needed something done at another part of the house, she will be following me with something in her little hands. Her books.

No, I’m not complaining. On the contrary, I’m very proud of it. At this very age, she is already showing an interest in reading.

I was privilege enough to grow up next to a public library and would always go to the library every other week to borrow books. My favourite were Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. I had read the entire collection that the library has to offer. While there has been a nudging feeling of bringing her to the library lately, I’m not sure if I could manage her behaviour. Hence, it’s still better to keep her at home for the time being.


The 1000 Words by TIMES in Pictures is her current favourite, previously owned by Mr Choo. I had one copy too when I was in preschool and lower primary.


My favourite page was “In The House” where I would often visualising myself moving from room to room. I can’t pinpoint a favourite page for her because she love almost every pages of the book. But she spent the most time on “Body” and “Animals”.

This is a very good book because it shows 1000 nouns in pictures, which is a lot for a toddler. I’m not pushing Sophie to be a genius. When I showed her the book 2 weeks ago, she simply just flip through it. Whenever she sees something interesting, she will get my attention and point her littler finger at it. Through other books, she had already know a fair bit of words. Therefore, when she applied her knowledge with this book, you could tell that she had this sense of satisfaction though her smile.

I think the most important part about this book was, the illustration are very realistic. This provides a clear idea of how the actual object looks like which might otherwise look a little scary in real life, like certain animals. The words are all very clearly written too in simple font type. The book also cover a wide range of topics, many of them closely relatedly to daily life, such as the Body, Kitchen, Food and Drinks.

Does your toddler have a favourite book?


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