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Road Trip to New Zealand


As mentioned in the last post of Italy, we have already start planning for our next big adventure to New Zealand. This time will be a road trip.

Car Vs Camper Van

The first thing we did was to decide whether to rent a car or a camper van. We have to find out which was more feasible with a kid. I have always wanted to try living in a camper van since I was a kid. A camper van is an experience that was never seen in Singapore. In fact, in a small country with affordable housing price, there is hardly a need for it. Therefore, before when we started discussing about visiting New Zealand, there were talks on renting a camper van.

However, after some research, we decided to rent a car instead. Below I’ll list some reasons that lead to our decision.



  1. Compact and easy to drive – if you haven’t been driving for a long time, it’s best to have something small to manoeuvre at roads that are narrow.
  2. Cheaper rental – the smaller the car, the cheaper it goes. Not to mention that there will also be petrol cost, and insurance.


  1. Lack of space – Travelling long haul means having a few pieces of luggage. Travelling long haul with a toddler for 2 weeks means even more luggages. Therefore, renting a hatch back is definitely out for us.
  2. Food – having a car means we will have to look for eating options for lunch and to ensure that we plan our meals properly.
  3. Sleeping Option – additional money has to be fork out to book a place for each night. That would mean a lot more money since with Sophie, we can’t possibly be staying in hostels too.


  1. Storage Space – More space for storage and for toddler to move about in the car at times.
  2. Food – with a small fridge and stove, we can cook anywhere and everywhere whenever we are hungry so as long as we have a well stocked fridge.
  3. Sleeping Options – We can find a campsite and sleep without looking for additional accommodation.


  1. Cost – It will be more definitely expensive to rent a camper van, in additional with the insurance, campsite fees.
  2. Size – while it is definitely bigger that a car, it is not big enough for a full grown adult to stand fully while cooking inside.
  3. Sleeping – Camper vans do not offer the best mattress. Sleeping in a camper van might pose a problem for a toddler. While we understand that many parents shared their experiences online, we are not very willing to take the risk. Furthermore, we would prefer a more enjoyable sleep with proper beds.

Final choice

A car because sleep is an important factor for us. Mr Choo will be the only one driving. Therefore having adequate amount of sleep to drive is very important.

Why was motor home not an option?

I do not have a driver’s license and Mr Choo’s license is not eligible for bigger vehicle.




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