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The Fashionable Milan, Italy + A tribute to Duomo

Finally, we have reached Milan, the city which concluded our holiday in Italy. As I’m typing this post down, we have already started planning our next adventure. While our Italy holiday may have ended at this time, our adventure-seeking spirit have not. But before that, I will be posting our entire itinerary in one final post.

Now in Milan, we stayed there for 5 days and took a day trip out to Como and spent an entire day shopping at the outlet store in Seravalle. People in Milan were more fashionable which puts a slight stress over the choice of clothes I wore.

Okay, I know, #firstworldproblem.

Places was also much more modern, nicer, and people more hectic. One word to describe it, OVERWHELMED. Milan’s street was quite a mess in my opinion because after going around town for 4-5 days, we still had to rely on Google Map everyday to bring us everywhere. Other cities of Italy were much easier to navigate ourselves from our apartment. Even Florence was easy.

Milan is basically very self-explanatory with photos. But I would like to draw your attention to the magnificent Duomo. I’m a Buddhist. Therefore I would admit that visiting churches after churches kind of bore me, because apart from admiring the architect and stained glass windows, I don’t know much about the religion.



I think to use the word, MAGNIFICENT, to describe Duomo, would be an understatement. When I visited Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, the building was beyond beautiful and the history was really unbelievable. But for the Duomo, I was in extreme awe. It was incomparable. It was extremely grand and yet it was nowhere near opulent. The Duomo made me feel so small and peaceful when I stepped into it. To think that a church could emit such an aura simply left me speechless. The mere presence of it almost left me in tears. As I’m typing this, one month after the visit, I could still remember the aura it presented to me that day. I was very glad that we made that trip to Duomo and when we visited it in the late afternoon, the crowd was thinning. I was able to walk the entire place with such ease and peace.

Our itinerary includes

Day 1

Galleria Vittoria Emanuele 2 –>  Museo del Duomo –> Milan Catherdral (EUR 3)

Galleria Vittoria Emanuele 2


Milan Cathedral


Entrance of Duomo


Day 2

Brera District –> Pinacoteca di Brera –> Castello Sfornisco –> Parco Sempione

Streets of Brera District



Pinacoteca di Brera – a beautiful art gallery


Castello Sfornisco


Parco Sempione


Day 3

Outlet Shopping at Serravalle

Day 4

Day trip to Como 

Before we head back to Singapore, we must, of course, bring ourselves to see the Duomo for the final time.







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