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Day Trip in Como, Milan

We spent a few days in Milan and one of the days, we took a day trip to Lake Como. Lake Como is famous for it’s beautiful scenery and George Clooney’s house.

The first thing that hit me when we reach Como was the drastic change in weather. Having read reviews online that Como can get really cold due to the lake, I decided to bring along my windbreaker. It was indeed very cold when the train stopped at Como. However, the sun decided to appear after our lunch. Thus it started to get really warm.

As there were many islands surrounding the lake, we chose to visit Lake Como through Como via train before taking the ferry to Bellagio then Veranna before heading back to Milan by train again. We set off from Milan Centrale Station at 8.30am to Como. The first thing we did when we reached, was to check out the ferry tickets and timing. There were only 2-3 ferry a day out to Bellagio therefore, in order not to waste any time, we bought the first ticket which was about noon. While waiting for the ferry, we decided to walk about the little town and visit their famous bakery, Beretta.

A word of caution. All these towns are filled with hilly roads and are serious in their cobblestones. I’m very sure there are ways of accessing the hills on top through various means. Unfortunately, we took the steps and going up one by one. It was extremely tedious with our stroller but we survived. Therefore, I think bringing a lightweight umbrella stroller would suffice.

In Bellagio, we visited a private garden named Villa Melfi Garden. It belongs to some wealthy family who opened their garden to the public at a cost. Adult ticket cost Eur 6.50. It was beautiful because we went during full bloom. Sophie was so excited with the little pond that she insisted on coming down to walk. It took us about 1 hr plus to compete the entire garden. There were also people having picnic at the higher grounds because the weather was really awesome.

Varenna was somewhat smaller among the 3 islands and equally charming. This place reminded me of Bozcaada (Bos-ja-da) in Turkey when we went in 2014 for our honeymoon.  The feeling was very calming and surreal. The entire place seems to be taken out of a fairytale.

If you are bringing your kids there, have a look at the Villa Melfi Garden which is really worth the visit.

Enjoy the photos.


The famous bakery. It’s a must try. Freshly baked bread and pastries that Sophie loves it very much too.


Breathtaking scenery of Lake Como.


The seriously painful cobblestone steps


A small little pond at Villa Melfi Garden which is home to a few ducks.





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