Baby Talk

Toddler Flash Cards


Taking a break from all the holiday post, I decided to create my own Toddler Flashcards for Sophie.

I have been scouring the internet for nice flashcards for Sophie. Then I realised that the colour ink cartridge for my home printer is extremely expensive lately. Therefore, I decided to try to create my flashcards in fruits theme.

Arts has always been one of my love which sometimes made me wonder why I did not pursue Graphic Design as a career instead. I purchased this set of colour pencils since I was a student therefore I better put them into good use.

This creation used up an hour of my time. I think for an amateur, this is really not a bad result. Just that it’s not good enough to eat. I had never receive any formal training for fine arts. Except for the 2 years in secondary school.


I got some inspiration from a few sources to help me with this. I used a combination of red, yellow, mustard yellow, brown, dark brown, maroon and grey


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