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Venice 0632

Venice is a city where it’s always busy. People everywhere for 365 days every year. Due to jet lag, Mr Choo decided to visit the streets of Venice at 6.32am.

In his words,

“Venice in solitude. Undisturbed, untouched and absolutely captivating.

On Day Two of my trip, I decided to get up early to explore Venice on my own, camera in hand ( Jadie and Sophie were resting in the AirBnB since it was quite early). While I felt that Venice was breathtaking on the very first day of my trip, I seriously felt that it has lost at least 50% of its magic due to the hordes of tourists that descend on it.

With that in mind, I got up at 6am on the second day of my trip and was out of my AirBnB apartment by 6.15am on the empty streets and bridges of Venice. I was determined to beat the hordes of tourists, many of whom were day-trippers to see an unspoilt Venice on my own. There were no conversations, only Venice and I. Soaking up what this beautiful place has to offer and documenting it with my trusty camera.

Its been a while since I made pictures like that on my own, with my camera, no baggage and no one else. Truly a silent beautiful conversation with one of Italy’s most beautiful places.”




2 thoughts on “Venice 0632

  1. Great photos from early in the morning! I’ll definitely have to keep that next time we visit. It was such a different scene later on in the day at 10AM. Was this on a weekday/weekend? Nearly every corner filled with people! I just posted as well about my trip to Venice recently!

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