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5 Ways to handle LO at the Buffet

How do you handle your baby at the buffet?


While adults have the ability to entertain themselves with conversations, smart phones, food and people watching, babies often need somethings or someone to entertain them. There will come a few occasions when you need to celebrate that special day with your signifiant other (and baby in tow). Some might choose to place the baby with a babysitter, grandparents, or nanny. But what if they are not an option?

Here are 5 ways (Trial and tested) to manage him/ her in public.


Food is one of the best source of comfort for all. Babies no exception. if your baby is at the age where he/ she is having solid, bring the baby snacks along. Ensure you have sufficient food to last the entire night. Or, you could pick food (i.e. fruits) from the buffet spread. Allow the baby to self feed. This gives you time to eat as well.


Bring along a few of her favourite toys. You don’t have a fill a whole truck. Simply set a side a few toys just for day trips or special occasion.

On the spot entertainment

Babies love making noise. Request for kids plastic cutlery and let them hit on the table to create rhythm. Other diners may find this a little annoying. However, seeing that you have a kid, most people will be very forgiving. Make sure you sit beside them and they are not choke hazards.


Babies love looking at themselves in the mirror. Therefore another way to entertain him/ her is selfie. We all own a smart phone with front camera. Just switch it on and snap away.

Service Staffs

If all else fail, pray hard that the service staffs love kids and are willing to smile and entertain them when they walk pass.


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