I Miss This Magical Place

The Magical Sulemaniye Mosque

The Magical Sulemaniye Mosque

In 2014, I visited Turkey with Mr Choo for our honeymoon. I missed the magical place. We spent a total of 15 days in Canakkale, Bozcaada and Istanbul. We took day tour and saw the historical Troy and Gallipoli in Canakkale. We took our time walking through the lanes and back alley of  Bozcaada and visited the grape vine and had a great time going to the museums. We tasted numerous Greek and Turkish food while we were there. Cherries were really cheap that we had it everyday. The most memorable meal we had was at Hasan Tefik in Bozcaada where the owner looked a bit like Jamie Oliver. We spent afternoons in the sea on cruise and swimming, sun tanning and drinking Effes, their local beer.

While Istanbul was awesome with tons of historical attractions, I will never forget the idyllic days we spent lazing around, watching people at cafe with Turkish tea, and watching Mr Choo swimming in the clear Aegean Sea with beer. It was truly carefree and I would love to visit the place again.

The infamous Trojan horse

The infamous Trojan horse

Strolling the cobble streets of Canakkale

Strolling the cobble streets of Canakkale

Back Alley of Bozcaada which is pretty similar to Santorini, Greece as Santorini is just across the sea.

Back Alley of Bozcaada which is pretty similar to Santorini, Greece as Santorini is just across the sea.


People watching at a cafe with their Turkish Tea

People watching at a cafe with their Turkish Tea



Our favourite cafe in Bozcaada with delicious beetroot and grilled octopus.

Our favourite cafe in Bozcaada with delicious beetroot and grilled octopus.


Beautiful Sunset

Beautiful Sunset

P.S Photo courtesy of Mr Choo.

The Crafting Mummy

I’ve finally set down to begin my crafting projects for #theLittlePeanutInMe. The first project which I had embarked on is a sheep plushie. BB will be born this year which is the year of the sheep according to the Chinese Zodiac signs.

I found the design from a website which I tried to copy. As I could not find the exact colour, I’ll have to tweak a little.





I really hope it will turn out alright as a sheep. I have a list of projects on hand to complete before my delivery date.

My Fav Dressing

NOoo…it’s not my favourite dress, but dressing for salads and dressing. Ever since I’m not working, I’ve been eating sandwiches for breakfast and lunch. I discovered a dressing which is really versatile to go with a lot of products such as greens, boiled eggs and canned tuna. I’ve always been a fan of mayonnaise. But who eats healthy mayo? However, to make it slightly (not very) healthier, I choose to mix it with something else.

Tuna mix for breakfast

My tuna mix for Breakfast tomorrow.



I like the bottle of Heinz which I can dispense my mayo easily.


I’ll add in equal part of mayo and Greek yogurt for the dressing.


My favourite ingredient for the dressing is Dijon Mustard. Usually I’ll add in a teaspoon.



Lastly you finished it with sea salt and pepper. The bottle of sea salt was bought from Turkey which I went with Mr Choo for our honeymoon. So that explains the funny language on the packaging.

The Sea Salt Story

It’s pretty funny why we would buy a bottle of sea salt from Turkey when it was not exactly their famous product. While we were at Istanbul, we choose to rent an apartment through Air BnB over booking hotel rooms as hotels in Istanbul were really pricy. We had the entire apartment which include a small kitchen and living area. Therefore, we decided to do some cooking especially dinners. We were lucky to be staying somewhere near Taksim Square and some of their local supermarkets. Mr Choo was given the impression that sea salt is an extremely expensive item in Singapore and insisted on buying an additional packet of refill for the bottle.

The past 3 Years

IMG_4748 copy


It has been half a month since I last stopped work. I’m still clearing my belongings which I had taken back from office. As some might have known, I was working as a special needs teacher in a mainstream curriculum school.

As I throw out piles and piles of notes in the afternoon from school, I thought about how I started out my career as a teacher for special needs. I remembered I was full of enthusiasm and passion, wanting so much to help children with special needs. I would look up on journals and read them, I went to school library, Ministry’s library just to find information to help these children. I went around telling friends what I did and I felt good about it.

But strangely enough, I never put it on social media, particularly on FB where most of my friends were, what I did and what my job was all about.

However, the enthusiasm ended with disappointment as I left the job. It left a lot of us disillusion of what exactly it is to be a special needs teacher. Did we all place too high hopes on the organisation that most of us felt disappointed or disillusion? Or did I put the wrong foot into it to begin with?

Before I left, I spoke with a few of my ex-classmates to get some of their opinion. I do not wish to leave with regrets because there is no way I can make it back to school. Due to some reason or another, most cannot leave their school though they were not contented. I am one of the lucky ones, I would say.

While I do miss the kids and my beloved colleagues, I have no wish of going back to the organisation. While I will remember the kids, I doubt they will remember me in a year’s time.

Do I regret throwing away the notes?

Probably not.

15 Min Meal Prep – Udon Miso Soup

Udon Miso Soup

Udon Miso Soup

Today marks the first day of having lunch alone at home ever since I quit my job. Some may say it’s boring to be a homemaker, especially since there are nobody apart from me. It’s akin to Kevin in Home Alone series, except that I’m not up to any sort of mischief and there is no burglar in my house.

Instead I made myself a health meal for lunch that only needed 15 minutes – Udon Miso Soup.

Udon Miso Soup – 1 Serving


1 packet Udon

1 tablespoon Miso Paste

2 cups of water

2 mushrooms (sliced)

2 stock of bak choy (washed and snapped it into similar size using hands)

1/2 bowl frozen corn (thaw it by rinsing it with water)

1 egg (cracked into a bowl for poached egg)

A dash of pepper


  1. Bring the 2 cups of water to a boil. Add in the miso paste and dissolve it. Bring the broth to a simmer.
  2. Add in the udon noodles and mushrooms. Once the noodles are soften, sieve out only the udon noodles into your serving bowl.
  3. Put the bak choy into the pot which contains your mushroom. The veggie tends to cook very quickly. Look out for it, do not overcook. Once it has turned bright green and soften, sieve it out and place in together with the udon.
  4. Put in the frozen corn and simmered for 1-2 minutes.
  5. Lower the bowl of egg near to the surface of the broth and pour in gently.
  6. Bring the fire to medium high.
  7. Once the broth is boiling and the egg is cooked to the degree you wanted put in a dash of pepper for taste.
  8. Pour the broth over your bowl of udon and serve.


Note: You can add in any form of mushrooms or vegetables. I chose shiitake and bak choy because I love the taste of it. You could also add in meat(pork/ chicken) but that has to put in first before any other ingredients unless it’s sliced beef.


Japanese Curry Fried Rice

It all started out when a friend posted on her FB that she was making an all Japanese meal for her 2 kids. I had some Vermont Curry paste left over from a previous meal and had no idea what to do because I was coughing. In Chinese TCM, when one is coughing, he/ she will be advised against from eating Chicken. Therefore, curry chicken was out. Seeing the curry fried rice idea, I was very tempted to try.


Japanese Vermont Curry Paste

Japanese Vermont Curry Paste

This recipe was inspired by the Curry Fried Rice Recipe from PSB website. I made my own version of it. I have placed my own recipe below. Try it and give a comment below.

Ingredients for the fried rice

Ingredients for the fried rice

Fried the egg first

Fried the egg first





Ready to be served

Ready to be served


Recipe – Serve 2 Pax


– Cooked rice – 2 portions

– Shallots – 3 pips

– Fresh Shiitake Mushroom – 2 pieces

– Breakfast Ham – 3 slices

– Eggs – 2

– Frozen Peas – 1 and a half cups

– Vermont Curry paste – a quarter box

– Hot water – 40 ML

– Cooking oil – 3 table spoon

– Sesame oil – half table spoon

– Sea Salt and Pepper – a few dashes


1. Thaw the frozen peas by adding water and set it aside for a few minutes. Once it’s softened, remove the water.

2. Whisk the eggs with sesame oil, sea salt and pepper. Put it aside until you are ready to cook.

3. Mix the curry paste and hot water together until the curry softens.

4. Wash and peel the shallots. Chop up finely.

5. Dice the mushroom and ham.

6. If the rice was cooked the day before and was placed in the fridge, use clean hands or a spoon to break it up so that it’s less clumpy.

7. Add half the oil in a heated pan, cooked the eggs. When it’s half done break it up into pieces, so that you don’t have to slice it later with a knife. Fry it till it’s cooked through. Remove from pan.

8.   Heat up the remaining cooking oil in the pan. Put in the chopped shallots till it’s fragrant and half translucent.

9. Put in mushroom and fry till it’s softened. Put in the frozen pea and ham. Fry together for a few minutes.

10. Put in the cooked rice then put in the curry paste and egg.

11. Once the curry paste had coated all the rice, be ready to serve.

Remarks –

1. If you love more mushroom or ham, you can put more.

2. As the curry is rather savoury itself, there’s no need for condiment such as salt or light soy sauce.

3. A lot of older generation have been telling me overnight rice taste better than rice cooked on the same day.



Spring Onion


Quite a few months ago, I found a post on Pinterest regarding growing our own spring onion or scallions using just water. Truth be told, I don’t really had an affinity with spring onions since I was young. I will try my best to avoid it whenever I could by removing it from the dish my mum prepared. (Yes, I was a picky eater).

In Chinese cuisine, especially when it comes to steamed fish, spring onion will be one of the ingredient without fail. To some people, spring onions are an enjoyment due to it’s crunchiness in contrast to the soft fish meat. For me, it’s simply yucky!! Ever since I started steaming fish, I tried not to put it. But I started to realise the taste of my fish differs from my mum’s. Ingredients such as salt, ginger or spring onions are good to remove or masks the fishy smell when you eat.

Yesterday, as I prepared my Thai style steam fish, I left a little of the ends of the spring onion and kept it aside because I want to experiment with growing my own spring onion.

Let’s see if it works.