Music Festival

Music Festival
It’s Coachella weekend!!. In Singapore where I’m residing, we do not have Coachella Festival. However, we do have other form of music festival which would either be indoor or outdoor. This set is inspired by the Coachella Festival suitable for our local setting as well.

The Old Weekend

The Old Weekend

A Trip down the River

Finally, a trip down the newly-opened River Safari, Singapore last weekend. We were really excited. After much fanfare from the media, they are fully operational. However due to the crowd we couldn’t visit take a boat ride which occupied a section of the attraction. Nontheless, it was a trip worth making.













Pier 2 Art Center

I just came back from Taiwan 1 and a half weeks ago. I was there from 24 Nov to 7 Dec and I had so much fun. I just wish I wasn’t back so soon as school isn’t starting yet. I will be posting my travelling photos part by part here. For the full collection, I’ll have to wait for Mr. Choo to upload it up on FB.

Pier 2 Art Center was one of attraction we went at Kaohsiung, which is the southern part of the country. It was one of the biggest open air art exhibition I’d ever visited at one go. Bigger than Biennale Singapore and we spent almost 3 – 4 hours within the exhibition. Nearly most art pieces were life size or ginormous.

Photo 25-11-13 10 46 20 am


Photo 25-11-13 10 45 16 am


Photo 25-11-13 10 45 35 am


Photo 25-11-13 10 48 10 am


Photo 25-11-13 10 56 28 am


Photo 25-11-13 10 57 08 am


Photo 25-11-13 11 10 17 am


Photo 25-11-13 11 09 33 am


Photo 25-11-13 11 11 55 am


Photo 25-11-13 11 15 14 am


Photo 25-11-13 11 20 30 am


Photo 25-11-13 11 58 54 am


Photo 25-11-13 11 59 55 am


Photo 25-11-13 12 02 07 pm